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Well I've been suckered in again. I tried to price it out by camping at an outside campground and just buying tickets for the days I needed, and it is actually cheaper to sign up and race. Who would have thought? The camping price is actually really reasonable for the market.

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Don't flatter yourself, that bike is in way better shape than you!
Cow branch and Wide open mx close to Raleigh area way better than JWTF. I think both will be open all week after Christmas
Yea when my wife and I went on the honeymoon I realized that was my first vacation in my LIFE that didn't involve a dirtbike.

And wow was it nice....
I agree. Hondas are quality, but the shrouds look like they came off a early 2000s red Husky. And the whole dual exhaust thing is stupid. In a sport where they are always trying to cut weight on bikes, why in the hell would they put dual exhaust on it? Crazy.
We are open this weekend Sat12-10 Sun 12-11 noon to 5.....Looks cold for us in NC but what do know of cold.....any question please Call (336) 564-5155

thanks MX-421
It is just a motocross track....either one.....
It would be good to see a few more "open minds" on the AHRMA board.

Personally I am a VICTIM of this, in the PV Ultima class, bikes up to 1984 and like design are allowed, except no Honda's or Kawasaki's of 84 vintage. They have an early and fairly ineffective disk brake on the front. Even though I put a 1984 RM250 DLS brake on my 81 RM125 that is with good brake shoes and arcing equal or better. My point has always been the bikes that were raced in 1984 are the bikes we should race today in the 1984 class, simple....end of rules.

So today the class can only attract 50% of the potential participants, resulting in small gates of Suzuki's & Yamaha's. We want, no we NEED more riders.

I use a I guy about 35 min from me near Cambridge. Good pricing and did a great job. I'd like to know how to do I myself and make some extra money but I don't really have anything to practice on lol
Sent you a PM John!
2014 Yamaha yzf250
it has a yosh pipe
2016 lightened crank with a corillo rod
port and polished head
titanium valves
new cylinder
the motor has 15 hours on the rebuild
all built by DH1 mods
srs suspention
if any other questions please contact Brian at 440-829-8943
Nickota Park
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We are pleased to announce that we will be having a Mid-East Qualifier here on April 1 & 2. Our Nick #228 would be so proud. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Dennis R Weir So when's practice?
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I like that logo! And you're charity drives! Thank you.
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