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Looks like u made it to tv land today but I didn't see you guys there. Bike looks sweet.
Had a blast today..track layout was really fun. Thanks for the open practice and Hope you get a little warmer weather for tomorrow.
Had a great day today! Thanks to everyone that came out!!
It looks like we're going to be blessed with another nice day tomorrow so we will be open again after 10am.
Weather forecast shows the rain coming in around 6pm.
Unbelievable to me o had to put some water down this evening.
I also got a few more rocks up. The mellow layout is great for coming off the winter couch. I have some plans to redo a few sections as soon as I can count on the weather cooperating for a few days in a row.
Spring is finally here!!
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Got my 1000000000 gigawatt. 200 dollar champion generator and ready to go!

Ha ha Hershey should be able to hear it in Punta Canta!
Track was in great shape today, thanks for opening!
Most times they will just tell you to go get the permit if they catch you. Depends what kind of mood they are in that day. If your not pulling a permit, make sure your doing everything to code just in case. They can make you dig up footers to inspect them/etc.
Open Sat March 25........12-5 .......... still now sure about Sun
osp trued with operation rabbit. Problem is they get a couple guys. Next day they're back out on different bikes
Been to Detroit a few times. Stayed at the Hampton Inn downtown a few blocks away. Plenty of places to eat. No issues. Last time we took a cab (mini van)to the stadium a few blocks away. Some Iraqi guy driving. Nice guy, told us his brother was US military. Seemed to love America, we joked around with him. He even told us to meet him right after the race in a certain place and he would be waiting on us. Sure enough after the race, there he sat ready for us. I guess being nice to the guy, and giving him a nice size tip was worth it.
Lol.....even if he did he wouldn't get my money!
View attachment 55049 View attachment 55048 We got everything refaced and ready to ride. Saturday is going to be epic. The forecast seems to be improving daily for Sunday, still calling for almost a half an inch with thunderstorms but they keep moving the time back as to when it will start. As of this morning it's back to 3PM, yesterday they had starting at 10AM and the day before that it was 6am. Really want to get this race in on Sunday but I don't want to turn the place into a swap for the qualifier in two weeks. As of now everything is on for Sunday and if the forecast keeps going in the direction it is I think we can pull it off. I will...

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Pictures of the Indy Speedway Museum if interested.
Monster Mountain is only 4 hours north of MTF
We go there every year. They have a sweet track and the owner Tom is a cool dude - originally from Ohio [emoji57]

Climax MX is about 20 minutes from MTF. The owner of that track is cool too. He's pretty laid back and promotes a no drama facility.

MP at County Line is a good track on the west side of Florida. It's only 2 hours from MTF, it's going to be a more sand based dirt like MTF.

South of the Border MX is 7 hours north. we've never been there but I hear good things. There's...
Is the helmet the moto-9 flex carbon or just the flex?
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