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that would be worth trying IMO
well it's the end of our 2016 schedule, and the weather looks decent for now. So one more round of open riding this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 11-5pm, $25 per rider, all tracks open and prepped. Quit riding in the new parking area that's dirt, this isn't your moms yard dammit. You leave tracks, have eyeballs, I see things. Thank you.
Very low hour, well maintained fc350 for sale. I am original owner and have all paperwork. Bike has a few extras but is mostly stock and in great condition. If interested call or text 304-374-3050
Tell Babs Jr to get busy!!!
I'm surprised you haven't bought this yet, it matches your other 2 bikes!
In the past I've been very critical on Pyma. This fall I've been to a few Wednesday practices.
Is Art trying? Yes, I believe so. Is he taking things in the right direction? Not sure. In another post Michael Fisher said Pyma is laid out to much like an AX track or Fair Cross. He want MX. I agree. When I ride there it's, turn, jump,jump,jump, turn. No where to rip through the gears. Some people might like this lay out, but looking at the numbers I don't think so. Im sure it's tough to work with flat ground, but I want a MX feel when I ride out doors.
I'm also not a big fan of the dirt. Disc do not get deep enough. It blows off then slicks off. A rut needs to be deeper than 12". Try to...
Yes. Track bucks do not expire at 213.

A&Y Racing
A&Y Performance
I'm trying to work it out.
The weather seems to be looking great again for this weekend! I wish I didn't have prior commitments. I love the layout!
Thanks for the in put guys.
Over 3 inches of rain ending Friday night,there was water running out of the hills still Sunday morning. So yes it was wet in spots. We needed the rain but would of been nice to get it earlier in the week.
sat and Sunday 11 am till 5 pm groomed track both days bikes only.
Free camping and kids track
Had a great time.
Jeremy here is the picture of Logan over the double I asked about.
Still cant believe at 5 years old he was jumping it. lol

1 by 4DAIVIPAI2K5, on Flickr
Good to see ya again too Ron. Saturday was real walk down memory lane for me, good times! Last I can remember though.. the entrance road went along past the first turn and the older six pack was still there (really need to stop with these off and on retirements lol)
We will have our next practice Sunday (10/30) this will be bikes only 12-5. Both tracks will be open.

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