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Cancelled for Sunday.
Still too much for a 125. :)
232 this morning
Sunday October 2 we will be open!! If anything changes we will post ASAP!! Got the equipment up and running again so we are good as new!
Thank you Jeremy for attempting to open on an "off" weekend. Trying to predict the weather in central Ohio is always a crapshoot. I (and hopefully everyone else on here) really appreciate the effort.

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we are on for racing tonite ,practice starts at 4 ,racing at 5. There has been some confusion that today's race has been rescheduled for Sunday. That is WRONG please pass the word !! Sunday is a hare scramble Saturday is the mx race .
Wow Georgie! Your revved up for this huh!!
I like it!!
Thanks Pit. Yes, a $10 EROC membership is necessary but if you don't have one we will be selling 2017 memberships at the last two rounds. (TV Land and Beans)
So you'll be good to go for next season.
Thanks for all the interest in this event. It looks like the weather will cooperate and I have a fun course put together this year with some cool new additions!
Saturday mornings are almost always sessions.
Well everyone unfortunately we are going to have to close today! Not because of weather but because of equipment issues! We are pushing to still be open tomorrow so keep an eye open and check back!
PRACTICE IS ON BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Public event so everyone is welcome! Gates open at 8:00am, practice is from 10-4. Mx Race Sunday will be yet another epic race day at SVR! Sunday practice starts at 8:00am with racing beginning at 10:00am. See you there! BRAAAAAAAAAAAP!
Alright everyone we are good to go!! The rain is out of here and the forecast has improved a bunch. The hourly only shows two hours of the day with a 10% chance of rain, other than that the rest of the day is at 0% chance. We will have really good conditions today!!!
It was nice to get to a couple of regionals this year. Thanks all!
Got a phone number? I know a guy that is interested.

Edit: Nevermind, think I found it
Practice is canceled for Saturday for the Midwest shoot out we are a go for the race on Sunday just want to give you guys a heads up you can still come down and come in anytime between now and Sunday morning the pit bike race is still on for Saturday evening the best whip contest will go as long as safe conditions if not we will do it during intermission on Sunday
Thanks Scott
Go get 'em Mitchy - Good luck!
closed sat,will be open Sunday and the track will great.
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