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Step 1: Bike Setup

Discussion in 'MX Guide' started by Admin, Jun 2, 2014.

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    First you're going to need a motocross bike. Don't be this guy.


    Remember you are putting your life on the line. Motocross is difficult enough. You don't need your bike falling apart taking you or someone else out. Adults just starting out should consider a 125 two stroke.


    If you don't know how to maintain a bike yet find someone in your area who can teach you. Scroll through our Industry 411 forum. These machines are complicated. You could ride for years and not fully understand the settings.

    Check your tire pressure. Most riders run 8 - 15 psi. You can experiment with different pressures under different conditions but it's important that you know you have at least 8 - 15 psi in your front and rear. You'll need a decent guage and a hand pump. Throw these in your truck and check your tire pressure when you get to the track - every time.

    Safety wire your grips. Hard landings will put extra pressure on your grips. These have been known to slide right off. You can imagine what happens after that.


    Adjust your race sag. There are countless videos on how to do this. It's the most important setting you'll adjust on your mx bike. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The common window is 95 - 110 mm. You'll have to figure out what works best for you.


    Check your free sag. Once you dial in your race sag check your free sag to see if your spring rate is ok. The free sag is the difference between the bike on the stand and on the ground without a rider. It should fall within 20-30mm. If you're on a big bike and you don't weigh 180 pounds odds are you need to change your springs.
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