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Step 3: Hauler Setup

Discussion in 'MX Guide' started by Admin, Jun 2, 2014.

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    You're going to need a way to get your bike to the track. There are a thousand different ways to solve this problem and we've seen them all.


    Does your current vehicle have a hitch?


    Done. By far the most popular method in the pits is the pickup truck. Don't forget a ramp.


    The van is nice because it keeps all your bikes and gear dry and secure. They also make good sleepers.


    Build your MX toolbox. Just buy or empty out an existing toolbox. When you work on your bike in the garage put all the tools you used in this seperate toolbox. Obviously all new tools you buy go in there. Keep this toolbox in your van/truck. You'll be working on your bike at the track (trust us). Buy an extra brake and clutch lever. Buy a front and rear tube. Buy an extra chain. Chain lube. That all stays in the van/truck. Now you're ready.
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