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Step 6: Cleanup & Maintenance

Discussion in 'MX Guide' started by Admin, Jun 2, 2014.

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    This is just a short list of the common weekely routine. Read your manual front to back. You-tube has a video of everything you'll ever need. If you weren't a mechanic before you are now. Your bike needs you to be since you're the one out there thrashing on it.

    Wash & Inspect.
    It sounds obvious but yes you need to wash your bike after every ride. Make this a habit and stick to it. It's the first step in prepping for your next visit to the track. Get this done asap to give you time to order any parts you may discover you need.

    Pay attention to every part you're cleaning. Look for loose bolts or plastic. Check the teeth on your sprocket. Check the sprocket nuts. Any broken spokes? A detailed wash doesn't just clean off the dirt. Whether you're a powerwasher guy or a hose guy to really get the dirt off try some concentrated simple green and a brush.

    Order parts. If you've washed your bike Sunday night or Monday afternoon you still have 4 days to get your parts shipped on the cheap and ride next weekend. Whether you order online or have a local shop it's most likely what you need will have to be shipped.

    Change the oil. Check the manual and come up with a schedule. Every third ride is a good starting point.

    Clean the air filter. Does your air filter need cleaned and oiled? Many do this after every ride. If it was dusty out I'd say for sure. Many times you can get by a ride or two and it'll still look good. This one is ripe.


    here's a good article on cleaning your air filter: http://transmoto.com.au/friday-fix-no-4/

    Chain. This will need tightened every other ride. Your manual will have the proper tension but you can just give it the three finger test.


    Spokes. Tap each spoke with your spoke wrench and listen for the high pitch tone. If you hear a clunk tighten that puppy down a notch.


    Here's a good article on tightening your spokes: http://motocross.transworld.net/1000074561/features/tuesday-tip-tightening-spokes/

    Gas. Finally your last step is to fill-er-up for next weekend. Keep a 5 gallon tank in the garage filled with 93 pump gas. If you need gas Tuesday is the time to get it not when you get to the track and discover you've forgotten and have to drive a half hour back to the nearest station.
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