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2013 KTM 250 SX @ 65 Hrs, Vet bike

Discussion in 'Big Bikes' started by TIMironi 121, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. TIMironi 121

    TIMironi 121 PR Member

    Grand Rapids, OH
    Practice track bike, 65 hrs, pretty much babied, from what I've been told ridden slowly. Great condition. Engine has never been apart, so all stock mechanically. Has R304 silencer, +10mm Hammerhead shift lever, tall seat, next heavier shock spring, white shrouds-and all stock pieces are near new and included. Very recent new rear tire, heavy duty tubes, 0-ring chain, sprocket (plus near new rear +1 tooth) and air filter. NOTHING bent, broken or modified. NEVER been pressure washed. NO huge endoes. I can get addition pics for you and you can check it out at my storage shed near Grand Rapids, OH. MAYBE consider trade for newer 500 EXC/HUS501 or BETA 500 RR-S. Thx 216-406-0237:Tim.More Less

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