Martin MX   78

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Last Updated: 09-13-2017

Our main practice track is configured for riders of all skill levels. It is a very rider friendly course, where the average rider feels very comfortable and the faster riders are still challenged. The main track features roughly 22 turns and features a stadium triple, multiple tabletops and tied together with rollers and a nice rhythm section. Riders will the track offers a nice balance of features. The main track is also undergoing constant changes such as new jumps, turns and more. In addition to regular tweaks to the track layout, most of our upgrades involve giving you the best possible ride experience, such as bringing in new dirt, installing and upgrading watering capabilities, and much, much more.
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1480 12TH ST.
Martin, MI 49070

(616) 426-9232

Practice: W S U
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Outdoor Track
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 01/06/2015 -  Martin MX

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