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Race Ohio at the Nutter Center

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by ck1racerx, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. ck1racerx

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    If you are going to the Nut house this weekend to race the opening round of AX, be sure to stop by the display next to signup to get a schedule for Race Ohio and all the info about the buckeye series.

    The fly on the wall reported back with some possible schedule / track additions coming soon.

    Don't let them deny.

    And if you are sitting in the stands next to a family, strike up a conversation with them. Tell them how to get involved. This may be our best opportunity to recruit new blood into our sport for the area.
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  2. John250

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    Will be there tomorrow night and Matthew will be racing Sunday.
  3. 663dad

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    We will be in the pits on Saturday
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  4. 663dad

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    Garrett Steinke giving the big thumbs up on the Race Ohio Buckeye series, We was set up next him all weekend and pretty cool to set there and talk to Steinke and Devin Harriman all weekend and get some feedback on the track conditions. This helped some on Sunday as Brandon qualified 3rd in our heat for Collegeboy with a several premier pro riders from the night before racing in the main, Brandon's front wheel popped out of the rut before the rhythm section while running second with a lap and a half to go, then slid out down the start straight in open B and pulled off after lap 3. I can't complain as he really has not been on a bike for a almost a year due to injuries but we had fun. stenke.jpg
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