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Anyone ever heard of MS Classics in MA?

Discussion in 'Old Guys & Old Bikes' started by BILL88L, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. BILL88L

    BILL88L PR Member

    Saw this bike on ebay which is impressive but check out the showroom in pics...you have to read his story and scroll down-check out the showroom. Can that be real? Been around ebay for too long and have never seen it before. Only has 355 sold or bought too. Also never heard of it around vintage seen.


    Doesn't show the showroom on his website but I don't know that I would either if I had all of that:


    The showroom is not adding up. Anyone seen that before somewhere else? Like to spend some time there if it is legit.
  2. NQ1965

    NQ1965 PR Elite

    Heath, Ohio
    OMG........ Those are beautiful!
    As if I wasn't already struggling enough with my mid-life flashback crisis enough.
  3. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    Says his bikes are from a guy who got them from the Primm collection. That's the room full of bikes photo shown. Also says not 100% correct or concours, I concur.
  4. AHRMA361

    AHRMA361 PR Founding Father

    York Twp.
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    That bike is nice. Would be nicer if it had a 1978 tank on it instead of one off a 1979. Also has the wrong throttle assembly, front number plate, no fork boots and the kick lever is off by one spline.

    And yes, I suffer from "old dirt bike" ODB OCD.

    Send Bickley in for the rest of the "picking-aparting"
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  5. Mike

    Mike PR Addict

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    RM123C.jpg OK, Mike you asked.....

    A quick look at the pictures show wrong gas tank, fuel line, throttle cable, front number plate, shift lever, no fork covers, no sprocket cover, missing rubber swingarm protector, the "S" on magneto cover should be painted, looks like misc. hardware. The shock bolts should have big"S" head and the other bolts will have either a "7" for high grade and a "4" for lower grade hardware. Also wrong seat cover, tank decals are way to small, and no warning decals.

    Its a pretty bike and would be a good start, hard for me to believe its from the Primm museum. Mine is not perfect but its closer, at least in my opinion.

    Do an Ebay search "1978 suzuki rm decals" and you will see my bike. Fast Guy Stuff swiped the picture, lots of bikes look similar, basements not so much.
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  6. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    The shift lever is off too -----I'd never be able to walk past that bike without getting jammed up about the shifter being off.....LOL!
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  7. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    No mention of the kink in that wrong, too long throttle cable? Who knows if it actually runs or has a working suspension?
  8. Dano762

    Dano762 PR Member

    Hebron Kentucky
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    Forget the bike, I want this dude's heated building, lights, and garage floor. - How many bikes, cars, boats, and toys would fit in there?

    I am with Bill on wanting to visit. I see a Hertz Shelby Mustang (maybe a replica), a Shelby Cobra (likely a replica), an early Chevy 2/Nova, a first generation RX-7, and some other cools stuff in the background.
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  9. BILL88L

    BILL88L PR Member

    I had one! 1980 Grey - Great car I got it in like March of 84 and had one really great summer in that bad boy. They are not however good in the snow. New years day 85 my buddy and I wake up to about 2 feet of snow in Rutland, VT, hungover as hell, and head to Killington completely stoked for some powder. Stop at McDonalds, when we pull out the rear end just spins all the way around and we get plowed by a 68 Ford Galaxy coming the other way-the cockpit was V shaped because of the frame being bent - totaled. The last time I saw it was when the tow truck was leaving with it. My buddy also was in an ambulance heading to the hospital-all worked out but it was a good bang on his head. Getting back to Ohio was a trip that included some hitch-hiking, a bus, and a plane.

    Of all the cars I have had that was one of the funnest to drive.
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  10. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    My dad had a silver '79. One of the very first in Columbus. The dealer in town had long paid waiting list and Dad went to Lancaster and picked the second one in at Carmody Motors. Great car, loved driving the rotary. He sold it the following year for more than he paid for it.
  11. smitty

    smitty PR Addict

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    same guy has a 1972 CT70 3 speed for $5900:eek:
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