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Summit Indoor Hype Thread

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Toddco327, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Toddco327

    Toddco327 PR Addict

    Great racing last night and today has been great. Weather is finally good and roads are clear. Hope everyone comes out tonight. Pro Class is stacked!!!!!!
  2. Meister

    Meister PR Founding Father

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    Never remember this line to get in being so horrendous. Got here at 7 to spectate, be lucky to walk in by 8.
  3. Michael

    Michael PR Addict

    Mogadore, OH
    Didn't make it out at all this weekend. But, the line was horrendous last year. All the way out through the Howe and North intersection. If it was much worse than that, that's sad.
  4. Meister

    Meister PR Founding Father

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    It was jambed up around that intersection and a little past. There were a bunch of people handling gate fees, it was just how packed the place was. I did get to see the two pro mains though so it was good. Robin hauls the mail. His line on the right side of the highway double was sweet. He was taking off about half way up.the face as far right as you could possibly go. Looked like literally a couple inches and he was completely off the side of the jump. Looked like Kit stuff on his bike and he was soaking up all kinda hits just holding it pinned. Fun to watch for sure.
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  5. Zman

    Zman PR Addict

    First time for us at this event..I’m still shocked at the crowd Saturday night .. place was wall to wall with spectators

    Junior had a good time..#rideohio..good job to all that put it on.
    12514614-30A9-46AA-8BCB-DFB3B3290ECB.jpeg 3D45EA97-E789-4382-8B87-1F8BCD7705FA.jpeg
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